About Us

The ever growing urbanization asks for more green to be integrated in cities and buildings. It can be revealed by our way of living which contributes to health of people by growing more plants and taking proper care of it.

There are lots of reasons growing plants in pots is so popular: It enables space-challenged gardeners to tend to a range of flowers, vegetables, and even dwarf trees and shrubs. But many people get frustrated when caring for potted plants because they don't understand the particular requirements of growing in a space-restricted environment.

Containers are obviously restricted there's not so much available for water and nutrition. So if you use a big container that's not overstuffed with plants, there's room for each plant to get some of the nutrition they need out of the soil. Containers also leach out nutrition faster than plants that are in soil, so we do need to fertilize more often. Therefore an organized and professional gardener service is the solution for the maintenance of your balcony garden.

Also, we are focussing and giving option to people to recycle paper with us in exchange of plants. We ensure that newspaper /old notebooks go to registered recycler rather than mostly going to landfills.

Scheduled Pick up, reasonable price, efficient ways and nothing goes waste (barter your old paper with plants).

We cater to: Residential Apartments, Societies, Corporate Offices, and Schools etc.